What we do

All our events are organised through our mailing list so if you’re interested let our contact secretary know you want to go on the list.

Please Note : We  welcome non-members on our walks. We make a nominal charge of £2 per walk for non-members.

We do several different types of walk.

  • Day Walks  
    We vary our program of walks from 6 to 12 miles, advised in advance. We try to share cars, so you need to tell the organiser in advance that you are coming, so that can be arranged. We try to end our walk at a pub or tea shop so we can relax and chat a bit afterwards.
  • Evening Walks
    During the summer we tend to arrange an evening walk about once a fortnight. We publicise these through our mailing list
  • Weekends away
    This is our opportunity to get further afield and do some more serious hill walking – last year we had a successful trip to the Brecons in October 2019. More could be organised if there is demand.

Walks Diary

Ask to go on our mailing list to get updates:   Contact us